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Spice Code

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Spice Code Registration

Spice Code Registration

What is Spice Code?

A 9-digit alphanumeric code issued by the Spices Board of India to regulate and monitor the export of spices.This unique code serves as a regulatory tool, meticulously monitoring the outbound trade of diverse spices from the country. It's your ticket to ensuring quality, traceability, and smooth export procedures for your precious spices.

Who needs it? If you're an Indian exporter of spices, whether you're a bustling manufacturer, a resourceful trader, or even a dedicated farmer's organization, the SPICE Code is your must-have.

What are the benefits of Spice Code Registration ?

  • Market Credibility: Enhances the credibility of exported spices in the global market, bolstering trust among international buyers.
  • Market Expansion: Enables access to wider markets by adhering to recognized standards, potentially increasing export opportunities.
  • Industry Recognition: Establishes credibility and authenticity within the spice industry, potentially opening doors to collaborations and partnerships.

Documents required for Spice Code Registration

For SPICE Code Registration, you need:

  • Aadhar
  • PAN
  • IEC
  • GST

Gather all, get them attested, then apply online. Easy!

Procedure to get Spice Code

Step-by-Step Guide for Spice Code Registration:

  1. Access the official Spices Board website
  2. Look for and select the "Exporter Registration" option prominently displayed on the website.
  3. Fill out the detailed online registration form with accurate and complete information:
    • Provide essential business details such as business name, address, contact information, and type of business.
    • Upload scanned copies of necessary documents:
  4. Proceed to the payment section and complete the payment process by paying the required fee of Rs. 500 using the available payment options.
  5. After successful submission, await the Spices Board's verification and approval, which typically takes some time.
  6. Upon approval, you will receive your unique SPICE Code electronically. This code will be sent to the email address provided during the application process.

Spice Code Renewal

  • Duration: A SPICE Code is valid for 5 years from the date of issue.
  • Renewal: It's mandatory to renew your SPICE Code before its expiry to continue exporting spices.

Here's why you should choose Ecfile:

Ecfile's Support for Spice Code Registration

Guidance and Assistance: Ecfile offers step-by-step guidance through the SPICE code registration process, ensuring all necessary documents are collected and submitted accurately.

Document Verification: The platform verifies documents to avoid rejections due to incorrect or incomplete information.

Application Submission: Users can conveniently submit their SPICE code applications through Ecfile's online portal, saving time and effort.

Updates and Notifications: Ecfile keeps applicants informed about the application status, providing timely updates and notifications.



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