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Factory Licence Return & Renewals Registration:

Factory Licence

A Factory License is granted to a specific manufacturing facility either when it employs more than 10 workers and uses electricity for production or when its workforce exceeds 20 individuals.

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Factories Act, 1948

According to the Factories Act 1948, A company who wish to construct, extend a factory has to get prior Approval from the respective authority in advance before the starting business. * Get plan approval and permission to construct or extend a building as a factory
* Registration of Factory
* Get Licence under the Factories Act

Factory License Halfyearly Returns:

A factory license half-yearly return is a periodic report that factory owners or operators are required to submit every six months to the relevant government authorities. This report typically includes information about the factory's operations, such as the number of employees, machinery used, safety measures, and any incidents or accidents that may have occurred during that period. It helps authorities monitor and ensure that the factory is complying with legal and safety regulations.

Factory License Annual Returns:

A factory license annual return is a yearly report that factory owners or operators are required to submit to the appropriate government authorities. This report contains comprehensive information about the factory's activities and compliance with relevant laws and regulations throughout the year. It typically includes details about the number of employees, machinery used, safety measures, environmental considerations, production levels, and any incidents or accidents that occurred during the year. The purpose of the annual return is to provide a comprehensive overview of the factory's operations and ensure ongoing compliance with the law.

Factory License Renewal:

Factory Licence is valid for a minimum 1 year from January to December and a maximum of 5 years . It should be renewed before October 31st.

New Factory Licence

To set up a Factory Licence First need to be get plan approval from DISH (Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health).Its classification depends on number of employees & power consumption of the factory.
A factory Licence acts as a document of approval given by authorities to carry out manufacturing activities.


The main objective for getting the factory Licence is to ensure that appropriate safety measures are undertaken to safeguard the employees' safety, health and welfare.

* It is Municipal approval for performing business
* It is one of the essential Licences for running a factory

List Of Documents Required For Factory Licence (Establishment)

* Topo Plan
* Copy of approved building plan from Competent Authority
* Building stability Certificate
* Power HP consumption
* Number of Workers
* GST Certificate
* Udyam registration
* PAN card

Factory Manager Details

* Aadhaar Card
* PAN Card
* Company allotted Email address & Phone



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