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MPEDA Regsitration


The Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) is an official body established in 1972 under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to promote marine products export from India.MPEDA is the main organization responsible for growing and improving India's seafood industry, so that more seafood can be sold to other countries.

MPEDA registration is mandatory for entities involved in the export of marine products from India. This includes exporters of fish and fishery products, as well as exporters of ornamental fish, aquarium fish, and aquatic plants.This registration ensures that marine products exported from India meet international quality and safety standards.

MPEDA's Functions:

Market Promotion: MPEDA undertakes various market promotion activities to increase the demand for Indian seafood products in international markets. These activities include participation in trade fairs and exhibitions, organization of buyer-seller meets, and conducting market research.

Capture Fisheries: MPEDA promotes sustainable fishing practices and provides support to fishermen for the modernization of their fishing vessels and gear. It also implements schemes for the development of infrastructure facilities for capture fisheries.

Culture Fisheries: MPEDA promotes the development of aquaculture and mariculture in India. It provides financial assistance to farmers for the construction of ponds and tanks, and for the procurement of seed and feed.

Processing Infrastructure & Value Addition: MPEDA promotes the establishment of modern processing units and encourages value addition to seafood products. It provides financial assistance for the setting up of processing plants and for the adoption of new technologies.

Quality Control: MPEDA ensures the quality of Indian seafood products through its network of laboratories and testing facilities. It also implements quality control measures at all stages of the production and processing chain.

Research and Development: MPEDA conducts research and development activities to improve the productivity and quality of Indian seafood products. It also develops new technologies for the processing and preservation of seafood.

MPEDA Registration Requirements for Marine Product Exports

The following marine products require MPEDA registration for export:

  • Preserved marine products in cans
  • Dehydrated marine products through freeze-drying
  • Living marine organisms
  • Ornamental fish for aquariums
  • Chilled marine products
  • Marine products that have been dried

A single MPEDA registration certificate allows an exporter to export multiple products from the list above.

Categories of Marine Product Exporters

1. Manufacturer Exporter:
A manufacturer exporter is an exporter who operates their own approved processing plant or handling facility. They may also lease a handling facility or processing plant, in which case they are still considered a manufacturer exporter. An exporter must identify themselves as a manufacturer exporter as "MT" in the MPEDA application.

2. Merchant Exporter:
A merchant exporter is an exporter who utilizes the unused capacity of an approved processing plant or handling facility instead of owning their own processing plant. Merchant exporters must identify themselves as "ME" in the MPEDA application.

3. Route-Through Merchant Exporter:
Route-through merchant exporters are those who export marine products from either manufacturer exporters (MT) or merchant exporters (ME). MPEDA registration will only be granted to route-through merchant exporters who have a certificate of approval from DGFT.

4. Ornamental Fish Exporter:
Exporters of ornamental fish, also known as aquarium fish or aquatic plants, are categorized as ornamental fish exporters. To register for MPEDA certification, ornamental fish exporters must identify themselves as "OF" in the application form.

Documents Required for MPEDA Registration

The following documents are required for MPEDA registration:

For All Exporters:

  • Address proof (Aadhaar/ Voter ID/ Passport)
  • Copy of the IEC Code certificate
  • Passport Size photograph

For Manufacturer Exporters:

  • Written agreement for utilization of the surplus capacity of processing plant and handling capability.
  • Joint Undertaking by the processing plant owner and handling facility owner.
  • Registration certificate of processing plant handling facility for endorsement.
  • Registration certificate of storage premises for endorsement.

For Route-Through Merchant Exporters:

  • Approval letter issued by DGFT

For All Exporters:

  • Copy of PO (Purchase Order)
  • Certificate from Scheduled Bank showing financial soundness.

Procedure for PEDA Registraiton

1. Concerned regional office scrutinizes the documents received.
This includes checking for completeness and accuracy of all required documents, such as the application form, supporting documents, and fees.

2. Discrepancies if any will be intimated or application will be rejected.
If any discrepancies are found, the regional office will notify the applicant and provide them with an opportunity to correct them. If the discrepancies are not corrected within the specified time period, the application will be rejected.

3. If found in order, application is recommended online to HO.
If the application is found to be in order, the regional office will recommend it online to the Head Office (HO) for further processing.

4. Registration section after scrutiny will recommend application to Secretary for approval.
The Registration Section at the HO will scrutinize the application and recommend it to the Secretary of MPEDA for approval.

5. Once approved by Secretary, Concerned regional office can issue and print the certificate.
Once the application is approved by the Secretary, the concerned regional office can issue and print the registration certificate.

Why Ecfile

1. Document Verification and Completeness:
Ecfile can assist in ensuring that all the necessary documents required for MPEDA registration are complete and accurate. It can provide a checklist or guidance to ensure that applicants have all the required paperwork in order.

2. Online Application Submission:
Ecfile offers an online platform where users can submit their applications for MPEDA registration. This simplifies the process by allowing applicants to fill out forms, upload documents, and submit everything digitally.

3. Notifications for Discrepancies:
If there are any discrepancies in the application, Ecfile's system could provide alerts or notifications to the applicant, indicating what needs to be corrected or updated. This can prevent rejections due to missing or inaccurate information.

4. Tracking and Follow-up:
Ecfile may offer tracking features that allow applicants to monitor the status of their MPEDA registration application. This could include updates on when the application is recommended to the Head Office or when it's approved by the Secretary.

5. Assistance with Obtaining Certificates:
Once the application is approved, Ecfile might facilitate the process of obtaining the registration certificate by enabling the concerned regional office .



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